Dear Tichu-players,

in order to support the getting together of German and Greek players and in addition to the work of the Building Bridges-team, the Tichu-Club organizes a

Tichu - Mixed - Team - Cup.

The tournament will be held in a simple flooding KO-mode with Bo3 up from semi-finals with a maximum of 32 participating teams. Those participating teams have to consist of both

A team may consist of up to four members, but each match has to be played in a male/female and Greek/German combination. All participating nicks have to have played at least 1000 Tichus. All games have to be played with the option "log". The team mentioned first in the playing schedule chooses the room and plays on 1 and 3. All matches have to be completed within a given time frame (one week for each round)

Registration:until 26th. November 2009, 12pm forum time, >>HERE<< in C214 Tichu-Club-Heimís forum. In case you need help with finding a partner for the tournament, please contact the tournament officials. We are ready to help.
Start of tournament: 28th November 2009.

>>Netiquette<< and general fairness rules are applicable for this tournament, any break of rules will be punished with disqualification. The decision about disqualification lies with the tournament officials. Decisions made by the tournament officials are binding for all participants.

If there is a tournament, there are prices. Besides the possibility to look beyond oneís own nose, the following can be won:

  1st place:    50.000 taler
  2nd place:    40.000 taler
  3rd place:    30.000 taler
  4th place:    20.000 taler
  5th-8th place:    10.000 taler
  9th-16th place:      5.000 taler

Taler will be awarded to the cities of the victorious players, citizens of Armfeld donate their taler to a city of their choice. Potential costs for remittance have to be paid by the receiver.

We wish you a lot of fun and nice hands!

- Tournament officials -
- Godjet, WaltKowalski and Ingrida -